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Resident Resources

At Good Samaritan Nursing Home, we understand that you value your independence, so do we. Please select the links in the menu to the right to learn more about the services we provide our residents. If you have any questions, or need more information, don't hesitate to contact us.

Resident Council

Resident Council meetings provide a forum for you to voice your opinions and join with others in making suggestions, solving problems or bringing issues/concerns to the attention of the staff and/or administration. All residents and patients are invited and encouraged to participate. A guest speaker may also be invited from one of the departments within Good Samaritan Nursing Home. Resident Council officers are elected each year by the residents as representatives of the facility.
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Resident Rights

As a nursing home resident, you have the right to:

  • Dignity, respect and a comfortable living environment
  • Quality of care and treatment without discrimination
  • Freedom of choice to make your own, independent decisions
  • The safeguard of your property and money
  • Safeguards in admission transfer and discharge
  • Privacy in communications
  • Participation in organizations and activities of your choice
  • An easy to use and responsive compliant procedure
  • Exercise all of your rights without fear of reprisals 

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The Family Council

The Family Council provides a forum for family members to voice their opinions, concerns, or suggestions. The Family Council meets once a month with other family members, and may invite a guest speaker from one of the departments at Good Samaritan Nursing Home. The concerns are then brought to the attention of the appropriate staff and/or administration. All family members are encouraged to participate.
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Beauty Salon & Barber

Beauty Salon/Barber services are available weekly on Thursdays. The salon is located on the South Bay Community. A full menu and price list of services is available. Appointments and transportation to the salon is coordinated by the Community responsible for your personal care.
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Culinary & Nutritional Services

The Nutrition Department delivers nutritious, quality meals to residents with a customer-centered approach.  Meals are served from a menu planned under the direction of a registered dietitian and prepared by our Executive Chef. Our clinical dietitian will meet with you upon your arrival to initiate your meal services and to discuss your food preferences, allergies, ethnic, religious and/or cultural requirements and any other pertinent nutritional information that will assist the dietitian in helping you plan for appropriate meal choices. Together, goals and interventions are set and an individualized care plan is developed. Monthly Food committee meetings are held to allow each resident to voice their food concerns, provide menu input and be made aware of any changes and upcoming events. In addition, our clinical dietitian will be available as needed to provide individualized services and counseling regarding your specific dietary concerns.

Our steam table serving style dining system will have a positive impact on the temperature of the meals, selection of choices and customer service practices. Some of our specials for our resident/patient family include:

  • Monthly sunrise breakfast service with omelets cooked to order
  • Dinner parties with live entertainment
  • Special meals for the holidays
  • Barbeques in our outdoor Gazebo area

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Financial Services

The Business Office is located in the Administrative Suite. For your convenience, financial services are offered 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week. During this time, the office will be able to accept payments for services rendered, distribute cash for personal accounts, and offer clarifications as needed. We encourage each resident to open a personal account. This will enable you to deposit and withdraw money at your own convenience. All personal funds are placed in an interest bearing savings account. You will be provided with quarterly financial statements. For your convenience, it is recommended for all residents that reside in our facility, that the Social Security and Pension checks be directly deposited in the facility’s account to assist you with adequately managing your financial matters. The Business Office and Social Services Department will assist you with referrals for any financial entitlements including Medicaid as well as any New York State funded programs.
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Housekeeping & Laundry

Our Housekeeping Department maintains a high-standard of environmental cleanliness with an emphasis on confidentiality, infection control, hand hygiene and patient safety. Staff takes great pride in creating a safe, clean and attractive environment. To meet the standards of all needs and expectations, all rooms and public areas are cleaned daily and thoroughly at regularly scheduled times. Bed linens are changed weekly and/or as often as needed. Cleaning of windows, draperies and flooring are scheduled to be completed on a regular basis. Personal clothing is laundered on site at no extra cost. Families have the option of laundering the resident’s clothing at home. If this is your choice, we can assist with making arrangements. All clothing and personal property should be labeled and marked to assure safe keeping. All clothing should be machine washable/dryable. Special items such as rings, hearing aids, dentures, glasses, clocks, television, radio, phones, etc., must be inventoried. Please check with the Community Nurse before taking such items to your room as some items may need to be checked for safety by the Maintenance Department before being placed in your room.
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