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Stepping On Program

The Stepping On Program allows older adults to determine issues and approaches that are personally relevant. It is designed to challenge the older person to appraise his or her risk realistically and provide a forum for gaining knowledge about safety practices.

Participants explore options and barriers to putting safety strategies into practice. The aim is to facilitate the older person's taking control, explore different coping behaviors and encourage follow-through on safety strategiesm in everyday life.

To achieve these aims, the program is built on a sound conceptual basis. A decision-making theory (Janis & Mann, 1977) provides a framework for understanding and facilitating the preventive process. The program draws Bandura's (1955, 1997) theory of self -efficacy, which describes techniques to enhance confidence in specific situations.

Who is this program for?
Those who have:

  • Had a fall in the past year or have a fear of falling
  • Walk independently, may use a cane in- or outdoors, or a walker for outdoor use only
  • Are cognitively intact
  • Live in their own home or other independent living facility
  • Are able to speak conversational English or the language in which the group is being facilitated.

For more information, dates and times, call (631) 244-2400.