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Common Caregiver Concerns?

How long will insurance cover?

Medicare, HMO’s and private insurance cover “skilled care”, eg. rehabilitation. When patient no longer qualifies for “skilled care”, coverage ends. Medicare programs allows for a maximum of 100 days. Private insurance depends on particular policy.

How often will my loved one receive rehabilitation, and how long will it last?

Rehabilitation is provided 5-6 days per week and will continue for as long as progress continues or insurance terminates.

How much home care will insurance provide?

It varies, but generally insurance covers skilled nursing, rehabilitation therapy (physical, and if indicated, occupational and/or speech) in the home 2-3x/week and a home health aide approx. 2hrs. x 2-3x/week.

What options are available if I feel that my loved one needs more care at home or can’t return home?

Options include private-hire home care, Medicaid home care (if eligible), assisted living, or long term placement.

How do I handle telling my loved one that he/she needs to remain in nursing home for long term care?

Gentle honesty is generally recommended, with an explanation that he/she requires more care than can be provided at home for safety and well being. An adjustment period is expected.

How do I handle the guilt of placing my loved one in a nursing home and their diagnosis of Dementia?

Family support groups are beneficial for dealing with both the feelings of guilt and coping with dementia.

Does facility provide comfort /hospice care?

Yes, both comfort care and hospice services are offered.